Library Pumpkin

Library pumpkin (noun): a person that flourishes best between bookshelves.

Things I learned from re-reading Georgia Nicholson’s diaries

So, as you may have heard, Louise Rennison recently died, which was a  big shock to me as I didn’t think she was that old. Georgia Nicholson’s diaries were a … Continue reading

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The above title should be read in a Frankenstein’s monster just woke up way, so if you didn’t read it like that originally, go back and do it correctly. Go … Continue reading

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Nostalgia review: Ballet Shoes by Noel Streatfield

Sometimes you enter a new year thinking “I am going to kick this year’s ass” and you make all these plans, but then eight days in, it goes “Nice try, … Continue reading

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My name is Sophie and I’m a book snob

Ooft. I had forgotten how hard it is to get back into the routine after a holiday. I am tired and keep forgetting how to stay relaxed and not think … Continue reading

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How to: Make exercise better with books

Look, I don’t like exercising very much. I have tried to do things that I enjoy – I did zumba for like, a month, and it was fun, but I … Continue reading

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2015 Wrap Up / 2016 Plans

Happy New Year! I ate Chinese food that took 17 years to arrive to see in the New Year, what did you do? This is just a long-ish post, because I … Continue reading

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Christmas Book Haul

Saw this on a few youtube videos and really like the idea of it! I have some BIG PLANS (/medium sized plans) for this blog (more to come soon) and … Continue reading

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