Library Pumpkin

Library pumpkin (noun): a person that flourishes best between bookshelves.

5 reasons books are better than boyfriends*

Or girlfriends*. I don’t discriminate, books are infinitely better than most humans, but here are the five most pressing.

1: You can adapt your book to suit your mood

When you are happy, you can read anything, even sad and tragic stuff, and it’s still good. When you are angry, you can read funny stuff to take your mind off it. When you are sad, you can read fantasy or dystopian and escape your world. If you find that you start a book and it doesn’t match your mood at that moment, you can just set it down and pick up another. That is harder to do with a boyfriend.

 2: When you take a book out to dinner, it’s just you and the book

Not you, them, and their phone. And they don’t bore you to death about topics you aren’t interested in. And if is doing that, see point one.

3: When you fall asleep on them, books love to be your pillow.

Honestly. They love it. Books love to be rested against so that they can impart their gloriousness to you via osmosis. Books also don’t get pins and needles like boyfriends do, and so stay nice and still while you snooze, rather than fidgeting around and waking you up.

4: Sharing a book creates moments of joyous connection

And sometimes anger when someone is wrong and doesn’t like your favourite book. Sharing a boyfriend is more painful.

5: A book will never wake up one day and tell you it doesn’t love you

Because it doesn’t matter how awful you are that day, it doesn’t matter what the book has going on at the minute, your books will always love you. True story.

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