Library Pumpkin

Library pumpkin (noun): a person that flourishes best between bookshelves.

Happy World Poetry Day!

I missed National Poetry Day; I think I had just started my new job or something, so I am doubly determined to do something to mark this day! I thought I’d share three of my favourite poets with you today, because sometimes it just fun to talk about things you love.

  1. Old School Cool: John Donne

I’m sure my A-Level English teachers would cringe to hear me class JD as that, but I don’t care. I studied John Donne at college, and before we started, the class was like, 16th century? Snore. Oh no. Mr Donne is quite the wildcracker. His early poems can be really dirty! And the language is always so rich and passionate whether he is talking about sex or religion or death. One thing I love about analysing texts, particularly from this period, is the depth of everything. I rarely understand a Donne poem straight away, but that is the joy – getting to dig a little deeper to uncover what’s there.

John Donne

2. Current Affairs: Yrsa Daley-Ward

I wrote a full review of her poetry collection Bone before, where I talk about her in much more detail, but I love her short poems with her tight, contained language that somehow hits me right in the gut, and her narrative poems are absorbing.

Daley Ward

3. Spoken word: Sarah Kay is queen

This is a video of her performing ‘If I should have a daughter’ at her TED talk (and then her talk). The talk itself is great, but I have listened to the poem approximately 180474 times in the past few weeks. Just watch it. Gorgeous. Lyrically, and performance wise.



Who are your favourite poets? Do you prefer to read poetry or watch it?

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