Library Pumpkin

Library pumpkin (noun): a person that flourishes best between bookshelves.

Tips: How To Read “Difficult” Books

Books are rarely just about sunshine and chocolate, but there are books, and then there are difficult books. Not ones that are hard to read because of the language, necessarily, but … Continue reading

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5 childhood bookish facts about me

So, I saw this on several booktube videos as 25 bookish facts about me and thought that would be an excellent post idea for days like this where I have … Continue reading

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5 reasons books are better than boyfriends*

Or girlfriends*. I don’t discriminate, books are infinitely better than most humans, but here are the five most pressing. 1: You can adapt your book to suit your mood When … Continue reading

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Tips: How to read classic books

Classics. When said in the context of reading, the word classic -which in life I find generally has a jocular kind of tone: “Your bank account is empty and it’s only … Continue reading

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Confession: Books I hate but other people love

Books. Books. You’ve got to love them. They are the best thing in the world for escaping, learning, laughing, loving, having your heart ripped out when your favourite character dies etc. … Continue reading

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How historically accurate should a book be?

  I am watching Reign on Netflix. It is pretending to be about the life of Mary Queen of Scots and her life at the French court, but this is a … Continue reading

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Happy World Poetry Day!

I missed National Poetry Day; I think I had just started my new job or something, so I am doubly determined to do something to mark this day! I thought … Continue reading

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